Mattel’s Case: Strategic Case 3

Topics: Mattel, Marketing, Barbie Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Mattel’s Case page 208-210

1.Mattel’s target market for Barbie would include young women under 8 interested in the traditional Barbie doll, and “tweens” (eight to 12year old girls). They also wanted to target younger women to stay interested in Barbie’s longer.

Hot Wheels target market is boys aged five to 15. Mattel also decided to market to its collectors who make up many age groups. To attract collectors, Mattel introduced Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race.

Internationally, Barbie is the most popular Mattel product. The traditional Barbie worldwide received negatively in certain regions for its appearance and lack of creativity needed while playing with the toy. In contrast to a few regions protest of Barbie, the toy is the most recognized product worldwide for Mattel. Hot Wheels are also a strong brand internationally. Mattel has set an aggressive goal to increase sales by 50 % internationally. In 2002, Mattel reported 34% of sales were international, suggesting the global marketplace has accepted most of their products with just a few exceptions in certain regions. (Barbie in Asia and Iran)

2. Mattel’s ability to act as a socially responsible firm is outlined by the following: a. They’re sensitive to social concerns towards children rights. b. Properly addressing employee’s rights and safety in their international manufacturing and national sites. c. Addressing the different legal systems and the cultural differences to avoid ethical issues. d. They’ve worked to keep consumer privacy.

e. Mattel works to communicate with both parent and child to ensure the ethical use of the firm’s technology.

3. Mattel has experienced sociocutlural tensions because of their Barbie product line which resulted in political forces banning the product. They are in a competitive industry which forces them to become more customer oriented. They’re also faced with a growing concern of the economic...
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