Topics: Pearl, The Neighbors, Doctor Pages: 1 (497 words) Published: October 10, 2014
Chapter 4
1.  What is the town of La Paz humming about early the next morning? Kino is heading into town the next morning to sell the giant pearl, and every person and pearl dealer are excited to see what happens. 2.  What have the pearl buyers of the town agreed to do to Kino? They agreed to all give him a low price, so that they can sell the pearl for more, and make a huge profit. 3.  What do Kino’s neighbors say they would do with the money if the pearl was their to sell?  Give at least two examples. One neighbor said they would give it to as a gift to the Holy Father in Rome, and another said he would buy masses for the souls of his family for a thousand years. 4.  What does Juan Tomas say to Kino that indicates none of the villagers have any idea what the pearl is worth? (45) He says, “We do not know what prices are paid in other places.”, and “How can we know what is a fair price”, which indicates he doesn’t know what its worth so don’t get cheated. 5.  How is the situation similar to that of Kino and the doctor in the previous chapter? The doctor was trying to help the baby, and becasue Kino and Juana don’t know how to comprehend what he is saying they agree, but it turns out he poisined the baby. 6.  How had the priest explained the loss of the pearls when the agents were sent to the capital to sell them? He said it was against religion, and that the loss of the pearl was a punishment visited on those who tried to leave their station. 7.  What is your impression of the pearl buyers?  Explain. They all work for one person and that person told them to not buy it for  lot. They are trying to buy it for cheap to sell for more 8.  What does the dealer tell Kino about his pearl?

That it is a fake pearl.
9.  How do Kino’s neighbors react after the dealer makes his offer and even suggests bringing in others to verify his approval. They think that he should take the money and thinks that he is being foolish. 10.  Kino resolves to take his pearl to the capital....
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