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“Age of ObamaCare”
Baker College
Eng. 101
October 16, 2013

“Age of ObamaCare”

In her article “What is ObamaCare”, Kimberly Amadeo (2013) proclaims how the economy is changing, how the changes affect this country and steps you need to take now so it will be beneficial in the near future. She addresses the different individual categories that an American or American family could be placed in when selecting coverage. Amadeo feels that the cost of ObamaCare could be considered as both a pro and a con. She feels that the calculation depends on the assumptions used. Estimates ranging from $1.76 trillion added to the debt down to $143 billion subtracted from the debt are all correct according to her research (Amadeo2013). Kimberly Amadeo is the President of World Money Watch. She is the economic expect for Her work has been cited on CBS News in “Growth for Some, Recession for Most”. She began the article by asking a question, “What is ObamaCare”? Even though the Act was signed in 2010 there are still a large percentage of Americans that hasn’t been educated on the subject. Amadeo is targeting that percentage to inform them about ObamaCare and how it applies to them. Amadeo earned two Master’s degrees: one in Business from Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan School of Management and one in Business Planning from Boston College. Amadeo informs the reader about the main advantage of the Affordable Care Act. It lowers health care costs overall by making insurance affordable for more people. That’s because insurance will be extended to two uninsured groups. She also writes about the main disadvantage. That the Act could actually increase health care costs over the short term. That’s because many people will receive preventive care for the first time in their lives. (Amadeo2013) Amadeo attempts to establish a connection with the reader by relating to the different categories that they’re classified in. Amadeo...

References: Amadeo, K. (2013). What is ObamaCare?
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