Matrix Movie Summary

Topics: The Matrix, Sound, Effects unit Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: April 18, 2008
I am doing my analysis paper on the movie, “The Matrix.” I chose the movie the matrix because I want to talk about all the different types of sounds. . I’m first going to be talking about the ambience sounds they used. Then I’m going to be talking about how they used the music, and finally about the sound effects they used in the movie. and types of sounds they used, like the ambience, music, and the sound effects .

The matrix is about how computer’s control the universe in the future. Which they use humans as batteries to provide energy that keeps the matrix going. Humans are being prison in there minds thinking they are living a life which in reality they are not. A computer hacker named neo is unplugged from the matrix. Neo soon joins with Morpheus and his crew to save humanity. They run and fight against the agents know as, “Mr. Smith.” They are the computers that take a human form and control the people in the matrix with their super strength and speed.

In the movie they use a lot of ambience sounds to make the audience feel like they are there. Threw out the movie they use ambience sounds to create a tension for the viewers. They had a lot of scene where it was silent and all you hear is the ambience of the characters loud and clear.

An example of this is in the beginning of the movie where its silent, and all you hear is the ambience of the city in the night. In the first scene the police officers are walking slowly to a room. The scene is kind of dark, so the audience focuses on the sound of the footsteps and the sounds of the guns triggering, and the sound of the kick that knocks the door down. This creates a tension for the viewers, which makes them feel like they are in the place and something bad is about to happened.

Music is used a lot in this movie. The music they used in the movie helped a lot to create the mood in the scenes. The type of music they used was classical music. They would play it in two different ways. One was a slow pace...
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