Matrix in Philosophy

Topics: Perception, Mind, Truth Pages: 31 (4737 words) Published: March 10, 2013
|Eastern Countries |Religion |Origins & History | | |Senses are source of knowledge |Definition of soul as level of life | |ARISTOTLE |Man forms universals, or categories, from many perceptions of like objects |Plant Life | |(384 – 322 B.C.) |Explains how things come into existence and provide lines of investigation to be followed in studying into the |Animal Life | | |nature of a thing |Human Life | | |Presents deductive reasoning based on experience as method of science and philosophy |Four Causes | | |Ethics is concerned with individual happiness; Politics is concerned with collective happiness |Material Cause | | |Accepting nature as a self – evident reality |Formal Cause | | |Advanced the cause of science with surprising fullness for his day |Efficient Cause | | | |Final Cause | |Plato (427 B.C. |Reality is spiritual in nature | | | |A just soul is rewarded by God after death | | | |The best government would be ruled by men or women trained properly to do so | | | |Children will be controlled by the government through the selection of mates | | | |Sense deceive men is good wisdom, not so much his idea of the best government | | |Saint Augustine |Believe that God created knowledge and people can discover it through trying to find God |Intuitive approach | |(354 – 430 A.D.)...

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