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Topics: Religion, Buddhism, Gautama Buddha Pages: 3 (527 words) Published: July 1, 2010
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Appendix G

Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

| |Hinduism |Buddhism |Confucianism |Daoism | |Countries of origin|India |India |China |China | |Historical figures |originated in neolothic period from |Gautama Buddha was the founder in |Founded by Confucius in 551 BC during Zhou | Founded by Zhuangzi (Chuang-tzu) | |and events |Vedas(170-1100BC).It is an Evolved religion. |563BC.Spread by Emporor Ashoka in |dynasty.influenced Chinese political social and |who was the disiple of Laozi in | | |No specific founder.Adishankarya, Ramanuja, |3rd century to SriLanka, |intellectual behavour.Later developed spiritual dscpline |4th century and Liezi (Lieh-tzu) | | |Chaitanya are important religious teachers. |China,Later divided into two |called Chan (meditation) |IT INFLUENCED THE EMERGENCE OF | | | |sects-Mahayana and theravada | |CHINESE FORM OF BUDDHISM , ZEN | |CENTRAL BELIEFS |BELIEVES IN A CONTINUING CYCLE OF BIRTH, LIFE,|FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS, WHICH IS |INDIVIDUAL MEDITATIONS. BELIEVES IN RELATIONSHIPS AND |BELIEVES IN ONENESS OF THINGS. TWO| | |DEATH AND REBIRTH. CAN ATTAIN LIBERATION FROM |SUFFERING IS DUE TO DESIRE. THIS |DFFERENT DUTIES DUE TO DIFFERENT STATIONS IN LIFE. |FORCES, FEMALE YIN AND MALE YANG | | |THIS CYCLY BY LOVE OF GOD, MEDITATION AND |DESIRE CAN BE ELMINATED BY |REVERENCE TO ANCESTORS...
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