Matrix and Indian Philosophy

Topics: Chakra, Life, Hinduism Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: December 9, 2005
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There are two kinds of people in this world: One who have seen the movie ¡¥The Matrix¡¦ and its sequels and the other kind who haven¡¦t. Although the movie derives heavily from Vedantic and Buddhist philosophies, never before the concept of ¡¥Virtual World¡¦ or ¡¥Mithya Jagat¡¦ so beautifully picturised. Everyone now believes that the Matrix does exist and Indians have been knowing this since ancient times in the form of ¡¥Maya¡¦. Whether it is controlled by machines or God or Ourselves is, and possibly always will be, unknown. Here are some fillers to the Matrix theory seen in parallel with Indian theology:

1. Is a person trapped in the Matrix only for a single lifetime? What happens after it? Ans. Yes there is life after death. All those stories you heard of rebirth are correct. OK not all! The human brain wants change. It cannot live in a particular setup for long. As stress increases* in the modern life, the need for change increases and that¡¦s why the average lifespan of human race decreases with time.

*„³ Because of increased complexity. The cumulative choices made by humans become complex day by day and thus demand higher processing ability. This thing is multiplicative. This can be a potential bug for the system as after a certain time the complexity will get out of control & the matrix would not be able to meet the processing requirements ¡V TIME FOR A SHUTDOWN or Pralay. The system can provide silent instant death to everybody at a single moment, but this will not help. Extra dramatic conditions of Pralay are necessary to intimidate living beings so much that they renounce all their future plans & desires, helping the system to shutdown properly.

So a single person is given new lives & after every death his new life begins. Optimum conditions have to be arranged & searched for every new life. This process goes on even as we are alive & our next life is formed adaptively. Because of this we can try to prophesy our next...
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