Matlab vs Excel

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After using both languages, Microsoft Excel and MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory), on the same module experiments from 1 to 4, I observed the following:

* For Microsoft excel,
* It uses spreadsheet application where each elements or data values are distributed in cells. * Most statistical computations are easy to solve due to the manner of data organization where data are inserted on cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns. * It is easy to plot the selected values by just choosing the selected data then use the chart tools/design tab. * The Disadvantage of this language are as follows:

* Difficulty in debugging the error
* Limited set of statistical tools
* In the case of excessively large results, Excel returns #NUM! instead of an answer * Inability to handle large datasets

* It uses matrix based algorithms hence each element or data values are treated in an m row by n column, such that a single integer is considered a matrix of one row and one column. * Manipulation of vectors is easily done by one command. * To plot, matlab needs to use certain algorithms which are compiled in an M-file. * The Disadvantage of this language are as follows:

* Expensive wherein every single toolbox has to be paid due to its licensure * It uses a huge amount of computer memory; hard to use on slow computers. * Lack of audited calculations and workflow due to a lack of data structures and documentation outside of the code.

* Comparing both languages,
* Both are interactive development environment.
* No versioning, i.e most spreadsheet are single use, custom analytical tools, so as the programs. * Can create or built GUI.
* Excel can create a nice audit trail that shows intermediate steps in calculations while Matlab can’t. * Excel computations are limited to a size of 52 x 52...
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