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Gas Sensors
Status and Future Trends for Safety Applications
Tesshi Shigemori
Chairman of Gas Alarm Industries Association of Japan,
Regular Associate Director of Japan Safety Appliances Association, and President of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.
2-5-4 Mitsuya-naka,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka 532-0036, JAPAN

Actually there are many measures to prevent accidents caused by gas leaks and/or gas generations. However, only gas sensors have the ability to detect directly the actual gas concentration when gas leaks and/or generations occur. That means, gas sensors are the final protection against gas accidents. In the following, the important role of chemical gas sensors in preventing accidents in industrial, residential, and commercial applications in Japan is described and future perspectives are illustrated.

Key words: gas sensor, gas accident, safety, prediction, onsite environment, practice

As Japan had been developing as an industrial
country, the usage of gases increased in
various applications and, as a consequence of
that, the risk of accidents increased as well.
Then, the main issue for a safe application of
gases has been and will be the prevention of
accidents caused by explosion, fire, poisoning,
and oxygen deficiency. It should be
emphasized that if gas leaks and/or generations
actually arise, only gas sensors are able to
detect the gas concentration directly to give
warnings of danger. That means, gas sensors
are the final protection against gas accidents.
In gas detection, the minimum requirement is to
provide a warning that the situation is
dangerous at the moment. In addition, the
prediction of a possible danger in the future is
required. Furthermore, if one considers that a
safe and comfortable environment would
gradually turn into an uncomfortable and finally
dangerous one, one could say that gas sensors
to ensure a comfortable environment will have
an excellent prospect for the future - as it
should be considered as an advanced stage of
keeping safety.
In this paper, the role of chemical gas sensors
for safety in Japan is reviewed and future
perspectives are presented. It would be our
pleasure if the technologies and safety
concepts established in the Japanese market

would not remain unique for Japan only but
would contribute to prevent gas accidents
throughout the world.
Market Trends in Gas Sensors and Alarms
for Safety Applications
The size of the worldwide market for gas alarm
devices and gas detectors for safety applications is estimated to be more than 250 billion JPY (nearly 2.5 billion Euros) annually, which is
our original estimate based on Japanese
domestic data, commercially available world
market research reports, and GDPs.
The market size in Japan is 50 billion JPY
annually, which consists of 20 billion JPY for
residential applications and 30 billion JPY for
industrial applications. If our worldwide market
estimate is accurate, Japan has a global market
share of approximately 20 %. Japanese trends
in GDP, the number of workers killed by gas
accidents, the number of industrial gas alarms
and gas detectors shipped are shown in Fig.1.
The primary and common requirement for gas
sensors used in residential, commercial, and/or
industrial applications is to detect gas leaks
early before the leaks spread out and cause
dangerous situations. On the other hand, the
gas sensors must not to trigger false alarm by
reacting towards other gases than intended
ones to detect. It is also important that gas
sensors are able to respond to the wide range

IMCS 2012 – The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors


DOI 10.5162/IMCS2012/PT1





Establishment of
Industrial Gas Detectors & Monitors Association of



Includes detectors for Combustible gas,
Toxic gas, and Oxygen


References: [1] A.Tajiri, T. Matsuda, T. Shigemori, et al.,
Flammable Leakage Gases Diffusion for
Petrochemical Plants - Investigation of Gas
Detectors Establish Point - , Journal of the High
Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan,Vol.24
IMCS 2012 – The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors
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