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_____________________________________________________________________________ Abstract
In this paper we look at the secular world’s presentation in dating and mating and compare and contrast the perspectives with the Biblical view. The secular worlds view is built from several perspectives. There are also differences that the culture could bring into the picture. However, in this paper in regards to the secular we will look primarily from the perspective of evolutionary atheism. The atheistic view presents perspective built from the assumption that there is no God and we are merely animals that are bound by whatever allows us to survive. In contrast, for this paper, the opposing view is non-evolutionary Biblical Theism. This perspective presupposes there is a God which has revealed truth through the scriptures. It is with the scriptures, therefore, that establish that man is made in the image of God and should follow his truth. In closing are my views on how most people choose their mates and how God directs people in choosing their mate.

The Secular and Biblical Mating Process
To receive a full spectrum in contrasting the antipodal perspectives we must begin looking at their presuppositions of the origin of man. Likewise, we must look at their perspectives on the consummation of man. By looking at such credenda we are then able to see how dating and mating is viewed from these two worldviews. From the evolutionary perspective man is an evolving animal, but from a Biblical view man is a special creation separated from the animal kingdom. Phil Donahue eloquently contrasts the two views he says: We’ve traced the development of the human animal all the way back to the primeval “soup” and still no sign of “HIM” telling the light to go one way and the dark to go the other. Yet it’s all right there in the book. Genesis, Chapter 1, could not be clearer or more eloquent on the issue of creation: “IN the...
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