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lhafhad.kf oved by more people and for a long time. Each person is unique with their own personality. Personality of one includes the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. A personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. In the beginning of the story, we are introduced to Beowulf. He is said to be this guy that is going to come into town and save the people by defeating Grendel. He didn't care about the praise that he would receive after. People began to appreciate his humbleness, courage, and leadership. He did what he claimed to do, and defeated Grendel. But after doing this, he was becoming a new Beowulf. He began to show his cocky side and was losing appreciation of the people. Beowulf was after his own gold. When one gets the respect from a big group of people, they have to do their best to sustain it. Beowulf made a good appearance, but messed things up for himself at the end.

to another person is personality, which shapes the person and shows others who they really are. Beowulf’s personality is different from most heroes we read about. This protagonist is courageous, religious, brave, and confident but as is typical in all heroes, he has a character flaw. In my opinion, this flaw is that Beowulf does not accept the help of others. While it is important for a hero to be confident, I think that we would all be better heroes if we accepted the fact that it is important to receive outside aid sometimes.

Beowulf has a unique personality that can only be found in a hero. He contains all the characteristics which are necessary for a leader; confidence, commitment, courage, and faith. From the beginning of the epic, we become familiar with Beowulf as a symbol of bravery and loyalty. He assigned himself with the goal of defeating Grendel, and despite the difficulty he managed to achieve his goal. Furthermore, Beowulf did not give up when faced with a challenge to accomplish what no one else

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