Mathur Devo Bhava

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In our Hindu culture from childhood we are taught to respect and obey parents. We believe in MATRU DEVO BHAVA, PITRU DEVO BHAVA, ACHARYA DEVO BHAVA. Answering parents, disobeying them or talking loud at them are considered to be not acceptable in particular with traditional families.

Now things have changed and children are taught to talk freely anything to every thing to parents or teachers and question them too if they do not feel happy with what they say. It is a scientific way of bringing up and giving space to children and giving them an opportunity to learn things with reasoning power. But this freedom has been proving in most of the cases being misused and children are becoming over confident and arrogant. If a child is praised for his intelligence in front of him, our elders used to avoid it he is getting a feeling that he is on top of the world.

I have seen a 9 years old girl who used to stand first in class did not get good marks in Mathematics and lost her rank to another kid in the class. Her mother was questioning her and meanwhile her dad said “Sarayu, you have to put more focus on Maths”. Suddenly he was snapped by the little daughter “Dad, I know very well that you were never first in your class. So, don’t tell me how to study”.

Immediately mother took a long lesson to the daughter saying that she should never talk like that and Dad is not to be questioned. She explained the kid in what kind of stressful circumstances he was grown up and still he made his life successful so that today his daughter is studying in prestigious public school with all luxuries at home and outside. The girl offcourse learnt the lesson and realised her mistake.

Similarly, today when we see children and youngsters least respecting their parents and teachers offcourse, our heart wreathes in pain. We see young boys calling their Dads “Hey stupid guy, you don’t understand that” or calling names their mothers and insulting them is something very terrible. In my...
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