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Topics: Integer, Division, Quotient Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: June 18, 2013
let f(x) be a quadratic polynomial such that that f(2)= -3 and f(-2)=21, then the co-efficient of x in f(x) is a. -3 b. 0
c. -6 d. 2

1. if f(x) =x3 +ax+b is divisible by (x-1) 2 ,then the remainder obtained when f(x) is divided by (x+2) is ; a. 1 b . 0 c. 3 d. -10 3. the remainder when x1999 is divided by x2-1 is

a.0 b.x
4. if α ,β are the roots of x2 –p(x+1)+c=0 then the value of (1+ α)(1+ β) is

c.1+cd.none of these
5. if a ≠0, c≠0 and ax2 +bx+c and bx2+ax+c have a common factor then

c.a+b+c=0d.none of these

6. if the zeroes of the polynomial x3-3x2+x+1 are a-b,a,a+b then values of a and b are

a.a=0, b= 1b.a=1,b=2
c.a=1,b=±√2 d. a=3,b=√2

7. if α ,β are the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=x2 –p(x+1)-c such that (α+1)( β+1)=0 then c equal to a.1 b.0

8. if α ,β,ϒ are the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=ax3+bx2+cx+d then α2 +β2+ϒ2 a.b2-ac/a2 b.b2-2ac/a

9. if α and β are the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=x2+px+q then a polynomial having 1/ α and 1/ β is its zeros is

a. x2+qx+pb.x2-px+q
c.qx2+px+1 d.px2+qx+1

10. if α ,β are the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=x2+x+1 then 1/ α +1/ β

c.0d.none of these

11. if the diagram shows the graph of the polynomial f(x)=ax2+bx+c.



a. a
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