Maths in Daily Life

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Mathematics is an integral part of our life. Right from the time we wake up in the morning till we go to sleep, invariably we are using mathematics in one or the other way. Teaching mathematics in classroom using pictures from daily life can help students in understanding a concept in a better manner. For instance, when a child is introduced the concept of 3 dimension, he/she is not able to visualize it. Learning of this concept can be made simpler and interesting by showing them actual objects or their real pictures. It will surely help in not only understanding but also retaining the same for a longer time. One of my students went to a cinema hall and clicked the following pictures showing 3Dimensional shapes and geometry

In our daily life every one uses mathematics in one way or the other, without knowing that he/she is applying some impart ant rule’s from mathematics . I have made a presentation in this Mathematics Lovers commuinity of some of the examples which we uses in our daily life.

.I completely agree that teachers need to incorporate examples from everyday life into daily lessons. Students need to see how what they learn everyday is relevant to their lives. I remember when I was in elementary school and even in secondary, I was constantly wondering how what I learned everyday would apply to my life. I thought that many things I taught were just a waste of time. I also think that relating lessons to life outside of school helps student to grasps concepts better
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