Maths Importance

Topics: Fibonacci number, Number, Pascal's triangle Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Maths Project
Class 9
PROJECT WORK: Creative Mathematics Project Ideas
General Guidelines:
* Each student is required to make a handwritten project report according to the project allotted Please note down your project number according to your Roll Number. Roll Number| Project Number|

1-5| 1|
6-10| 2|
11-15| 3|
16-20| 4|
21-25| 5|
26-30| 1|
31-35| 2|
36-40| 3|
41-45| 4|
46-50| 5|
* A project has a specific starting date and an end date. * It has specific objectives.
* List the sources of the information collected.
* General lay-out of the project report has the following format ferws
Page Number| Content|
Cover Page| Your Name, Class, Roll No., Title of project| 1| Table of contents – Page titles|
2| Brief description of project. How would you proceed?|
3-10 (may change)| Procedure (With pictures)|
11| Mathematics used /involved|
12| Conclusion /Result|
13| List of resources (List of encyclopedia ,websites, reference books, journals etc)| 14| Acknowledgment|

Projects| Objectives| Description|
Proiect-1| Exploring Fibonacci numbers.| 1. Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of numbers i.e. 1,1,2,3, 5, 8,13, 21,34 … .The first number of the sequence is 1, the second number is 1, and next term is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers of the sequence itself.2.  Write the next 20 terms of the sequence generated

by it.3.  History of the
mathematician who gave
this concept.4. Explore in nature the
things that correspond to
Fibonacci numbers with
pictures.For example: When counting the number of petals of a flower, it is p most probable that They will correspond to one of the Fibonacci Numbers. It is seen that:a) White calla lily has one patel.b) Euphorbia have two patelc) Trillium have three petalsd) Columbine have 5 petalsExplore more such examples with pictures from internet.(give atleast 8 examples)| Project-2| Exploring Pascal Triangle| (take...
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