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General Certificate of Secondary Education

Information and Communication Technology
Unit 3 Practical Problem Solving in ICT


Candidate Booklet: Problem 2
Valid for examination in 2011, 2012 and 2013
   It is recommended that you spend 25 hours in completing this problem. Before starting work on the problem, read the whole of this Candidate Booklet thoroughly. There are restrictions on when and where you can work on this problem. Your teacher will explain them to you. For example, you can only do any work that you intend to hand in for marking when a teacher is present, so that he or she can confirm that the work is your own. You must not work with other students on anything that you intend to hand in for marking.

Communicating your written work  You will also be marked on your use of English. It is important to: - make sure that all your work is legible - use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar - use a style of writing which suits the person you are writing it for - organise your information clearly, so that you make yourself understood - use ICT terms where they are needed.



Unit 3: Practical Problem Solving in ICT Problem 2: Help to organise a school prom Your school plans to organise a school prom for year 11 students. You are going to produce a solution to the problem but you can make up the data that you need.

1. Overview of the problem:
You must help the organiser of the year 11 prom by producing a practical ICT solution which will improve the organisation of the event. Your solution will contain several parts (see section 6). The prom always includes a restaurant meal. You must also explain what you have produced to the Headteacher of the school.

2. You must provide an ICT solution that will help the organiser:  model the cost to students who are going to the prom. You will need to gather information in order to do this.

 gather information about students who are planning to go to the prom. The organiser will need to know their personal and contact details, information about any dietary requirements and revision classes attended. Attending ‘after school’ and ‘Easter holiday’ series of revision classes entitles a student to a reduction in the cost of the prom. You will have to find a way of collecting and storing this information.

 contact parents/guardians to inform them of specific details about the prom.  record which students have paid the full amount they owe for the prom by the deadline date. The organiser must be able to remind parents/guardians of any student who has not paid in full and how much remains to be paid.

 generate lists to use both before and during the prom.
Your teacher will provide you with some background information about a school prom. In addition: The Headteacher of your school wants you to produce a report that provides key facts about how your ICT solution helps to organise the prom. The report can either be paper based or electronic. An electronic report might be prepared using a presentation program with supporting notes, if needed. The report must include all the results that you have produced to help the organiser of the prom.

3. You must keep a portfolio of the work you want to be marked Your portfolio is where you keep the evidence that you have produced. You should imagine that the portfolio is to be used by another person who is interested in how you produced your solution. It is to help them to do something similar.

You must keep all the work you produce for the organiser and the Headteacher in hard copy in a portfolio (or put all of your work on a CD or DVD). It is important that you use the headings in the table in section 6 (Milestones, etc) for any work that you want to be marked by your teacher. number each page and fasten it all together. Take it out of any plastic sleeves before you hand it in to...
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