Maths and Civil Society

Topics: Science, Mathematics, Civilization Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Civil society is a concept located strategically at the cross-section of important strands of intellectual developments in the social sciences. How can we say that mathematics is related to social sciences. People believe, Mathematics is a divine discipline. Some love Mathematics, while some fear it; some study Mathematics, while some worship it. Ancient Indian Mathematicians like Aryabatta or Bhaskara worshipped Mathematics and lived for it. It was not for any material benefit, but was out of their devotion. All over the world, there were and there are people who loved Mathematics as a divine subject. Hence it is a very interesting topic of research, that how Mathematics affects the Civil Society. We know that Mathematics plays a very important role in the Modern World. We are living in a scientific era of rapid development. Things that were new or unheard of a few years ago are commonly seen today. Some of the new technical advancements may have little effect upon our personal life, but others may play a most important part in our existence. If we are to play a position on the team of our society, or even to watch intelligently from the sideline, we must have an understanding and appreciation of Mathematics. The advancement in the areas of Science and Technology are rapid and rather amazing. All these astounding advancements are indebted to Mathematics to a great extent. Everyone who is a beneficiary of these scientific and technological facilities may have to know a little of Mathematics for its fruitful and smooth utilization. Hence, Mathematics cannot be considered as a classroom discipline only. Every man may need it at any time). Not only an Academician; not only a Scientist; not only an Engineer; but, a shopkeeper needs it; a grocer needs it; a housewife needs it; a sportsman needs it; an employee needs it; and who does not? Just like a language, we need Mathematics to communicate! So the Mathematics that we teach...
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