Mathematics and Real- Life Problems

Topics: Mathematics, Problem solving, Problem Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: August 30, 2014
Task 1.1 – Explain the aims and importance of learning provision for numeracy development.

The aims of numeracy are to develop children’s abilities to build strong foundation in all mathematics aspects. The aim at Lawn is to provide children with a sound foundation of knowledge and understanding of mathematics, along with the means for investigating ideas and developing thinking skills. I share the school ethos that recognises mathematics as an important tool in everyday life and strives to provide children with the necessary skills to tackle a range of practical tasks and real- life problems. At school, we all aim to provide a challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all children that helps build their confidence in mathematics and enables them to work with increasing accuracy. Children’s’ confidence, fluency and versatility are cared for through a strong emphasis on problem solving as an integral part of the learning provision within each topic. Skills in calculation are strengthened through solving a wide range of problems, exploiting links with work on measures and data handling and as much as meaningful application to cross-curricular themes and work in other subjects as possible. We believe that practical, hands-on experience of using, comparing and calculating with numbers and quantities are of crucial importance in establishing the best mathematical start in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Understanding of place value, fluency in mental methods, and good recall of number facts, such as multiplication tables and number bonds , are essential when applying written calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and thus great emphasis is placed on this throughout the school. In the Early Years, numeracy skills are developed sensibly in shape, pattern, counting, sorting and measuring. In my setting, teachers in reception classes follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum which includes problem solving,...
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