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Topics: Moore's law, Futurology, Scientific method Pages: 3 (251 words) Published: September 21, 2014

A.       Who is Moore, and when did he predict Moore’s Law? Moore’s Law is a scientific who works on the trend in his papers describing the integrated circuits. He predicted the Moore’s Law in 1965. B.      What is the simplest statement of the law’s prediction? The Law’s prediction is that the components of the integrated circuites will increase every year for at least 10 years. C.       How has the law changed over time?

Moore’s Law is used to be the number of transistors in a chip, but now it means exponential growth in capability on a chip. D.      How much longer is the law expected to hold true? It is theorized that with further miniaturization by 2020 will be in molecular scale, and what Intel say is that the continuity of this trend will end between 2013 and 2018 quantum tunneling. E.      How does the law affect business projections?

Since the Moore’s Law keeps growing every year, all the industries know about how much these electronic products will be next years. And then their cost will be cheaper to challenge the economy.

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