Mathematic Lesson Plan

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Assignment 1: Backward Mapping, 5 lesson Overview and Lesson Plan.
Work Sample Outcomes:
NS2.1- Counts, orders, reads and records numbers up to four digits.
NS2.2- Uses mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction involving two, three and four digit numbers.
Work Sample Task:
Student is asked to solve problems in their head (mentally) and record the strategy that they used. The problems were;
Possible indicators from work sample: 1. Reads, writes and says three and four digit numbers. 2. Records three and four digit numbers using expanded notation. 3. Explains and records methods for adding and subtracting. 4. Uses split strategy for addition and subtraction.
Are indicators achieved or not: 1. Hard to determine but looking at the work sample would determine that the student can read, write and say three digit and four digit numbers. (yes) 2. The student can explain and record methods for adding and subtracting but is not using the correct process method but only in the jump strategy. (no) 3. The student uses the split strategy to obtain the correct answer for the question 34+17 and shows correct working. (yes)
Analysis of achievement and errors- learning needs:
The student is:
Using formal algorithms correctly and showing the decomposition method correctly.
Student understands place value (units, tens and hundreds.)
Adding and subtracting single, double and triple digit numbers correctly.
Mentally adding and subtracting double and triple digits.
Using correct subtraction and addition strategies and showing how they used these strategies within their work.
The student is not:
The student is not using the correct process skills for the jump strategy; even though they are gaining the correct answer.
The student is not being challenged with this work as they are at the working beyond level.
Where to next:
Revise the Jump strategy and how to use a number line.

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