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MKTG 2201 Fall 2014, Section 1, 4:35-5:40 pm
022 International VillageINSTRUCTOR: Jeffrey Sieloff
OFFICE: 202 Hayden Hall
HOURS: 3-4pm M,W,Th and by appointment
PHONE: 617-283-3102

PREREQUISITES:UG ACCT 1201 [can be taking concurrently] and Sophomore standing. TEXT:
Introduction to Marketing [MKTG 2201Custom Edition]. Note that purchasing the paper edition also gives you an access code to the online edition. The custom text is a combination of Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, 7th Ed. By Solomon, Marshall and Stuart and Marketing, An Introduction,11th Ed. by Armstrong and Kotler. ISBN 10: 1-256-76448-5 ISBN 13: 978-1-256-76448-9 SIMULATION:

Web Marketplace Business simulation: Introduction to Marketing Purchase online during the fourth week of class.
The purpose of this class is to provide an introduction and overview to the basic concepts used today in Marketing. You will apply the text and class knowledge through exercises, written assignments, presentations and/or projects. We will explore how marketing can be useful in our everyday lives, making us more knowledgeable consumers. In keeping with Northeastern's Practice-Oriented Mission, our focus will be on “real world” examples and applications. We will focus on how people and organizations create value for one another through exchanges – i.e., through marketing The goals of this course are:

To gain exposure to fundamental marketing concepts, theories, principles and terminology of marketing. To identify the role of marketing in business organizations and in the global marketplace To function as a more informed consumer by recognizing the marketing forces at work in the consumer purchase decision process. To assess the impact of macro-environmental forces (e.g., social, cultural, technological, economic, legal) on marketing. To recognize how the basic elements of market segmentation and positioning affect the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place). To assess and propose marketing solutions to real business situations. To explain the interaction of marketing with other business functions. To examine the ethical dilemmas that marketers can face.

To use teamwork and management skills in a marketing context.

Course Structure and Instructor Expectations:
This course is a required core course for all business majors [if you are not a business major, you should be taking MKTG 2209]. It is intended to expand the student’s understanding of fundamental concepts needed to be a successful marketer and business person. It is also designed as forum to explore our experiences and decision making as consumers. The approach is one of application-oriented discussion of the topics involved. The foundation of our discussions will be the material in the text, which will also be the basis for tests and quizzes. In class, we will use a combination of lectures and discussions to develop the vocabulary and concepts of marketing. The homework will apply and evaluate the academic concepts through “real world” exercises and short assignments. The simulation will allow student teams to apply the principles of marketing to a market situation. Students should plan to actively participate in class discussions, bring in additional examples as discovered, get on-line to research and evaluate current strategies and be ready to discuss text topics in class. CLASS NORMS:

Time Investment:
Reading the text is a requirement of the course! Full discussion and comprehension of material is impossible without thorough review of the text. Students should plan on investing, at a minimum, two hours outside of class for each hour in class, depending on learning style. The degree of your preparation and participation in the class discussion will greatly determine what you get out of it. There is...
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