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Second Semester, AY 2012-2013

Neil Jerome A. Egarguin
Instructor 3 in Mathematics, IMSP, CAS, UPLB

College Algebra
A. Course Description. Sets, real number system, radicals and rational exponents, linear equations and inequalities, systems of equations, functions
B. Course Credit. 3 units
C. Course Goals. The course intends to supplement your knowledge and skills of
Algebra that you will need in other mathematics courses and in keeping up with a highly technological and quantitative society. At the end of the course, you are expected to be able to harness the power of Algebra in formulating and solving problems.
D. Course Objectives. Upon completion of the course, you must be able to
1. Perform set operations;
2. Identify and use the properties of real numbers;
3. Simplify and perform operations on algebraic expressions;
4. Solve linear equations;
5. Solve quadratic equations using any method;
6. Solve systems of equations;
7. Determine solution sets of inequalities;
8. Translate verbal problems to mathematical symbols and find their solutions. 9. Differentiate a relation from a function
10. Find domain and range of relations and functions
11. Sketch the graphs of linear and quadratic functions
E. Class Schedules. The lecture class meets every Tuesday and Thursday, 121pm at EE Auditorium while the recitation classes convenes 12-1pm at MB.
F. Class Set-up. The lecture class will include introduction of new concepts and topics. To monitor attendance in class a quick lecture quiz will be given in almost every meeting. Homeworks that will aid the recitation activities will also be distributed here. The recitation session will primarily be used for recitation exercises, augmentation of lectures via more examples, boardwork and group activities. G. Attendance. The University rules on attendance shall generally apply. The university policy on attendance will be implemented. A

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