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This booklet contains information about booking your mathematics skills assessment appointment, tips on taking multiple-choice exam, mathematics practice exam with answers. When you feel you are ready to take the mathematics exam, you may make an appointment by: •

Going on-line at

Calling 416-289-5300

Or in person with Enrolment Services
IMPORTANT – If you have learning or medical condition, you may request special accommodations. Please contact the
Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at 416-289-5000
Ext. 2627. Students will meet with a CSD Counselor to discuss their concerns and make alternative arrangements for their
skills assessments if special accommodations are approved.
Students applying to multiple programs may only require one math exam to clear admission requirements. Please note that the
Engineering math skills assessment can clear admission requirements for Business and General Arts and Science programs.
On the date of your exam, please arrive on time. You will be required to show Government issued photo ID.
Examples of acceptable photo ID are:

One of the following: valid passport, driver's license, photo health card, age of majority cards, citizenship card, landed card, minister's permit or a Centennial College student photo ID. The photo must not be older than 5 years.

If you do not have any of the above then you may provide nongovernment issued photo ID. These could include other school photo ID, transit photo ID, expired government photo ID or employment ID, and two of the following: birth certificate, social insurance card or nonphoto health card. Please note students arriving without acceptable ID will not be allowed to write their Skills Assessment. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Students write mathematics skills assessments online using Accuplacer (with the exception of CAAT D). Exam invigilators will provide detailed instruction on how to sign on to the Accuplacer system. Students unfamiliar with computer technology are offered online tutorials explaining how to use a computer mouse and keyboard and how to take a multiple-choice exam.

Mathematics skills assessments allow 60 minutes for completion. Students are provided with a four-function onscreen calculator and scrap paper. Results are available upon completion of the Mathematics skills assessment, with a breakdown score of reportable subjects. Results are reported to Enrolment Services within 48 hours.


Centennial College Business Mathematics Practice Test
Reportable subjects tested:

Algebraic Equations
Word Problems
1. Multiply 0.06 by 0.021
A) 0.0126

B) 0.0000126

C) 0.00126 D) 0.126

E) None of these

2. Divide 4.2 by 0.07
A) 1.33

B) 60

C) 6

D) 600

E) None of these

3. 9 – 3 (2+6)÷6 -2 × 5

B) 35

C) 5

D) -5

4. The decimal equivalent of
A) 4.44

B) 2.25

C) 0.225

D) 0.0225


E) None of these

E) None of these

5. Express0.275 as a common fraction in lowest terms:


6. Express



E) None of these

as a percent:

B) 20%

C) 4%

D) 2%

E) None of these

7. 60% of $10.60
A) $1.63

B) $6.36

C) $63.60 D) $16.31 E) None of these

8. 24 is what percent of 40?
A) 60%

B) 3.75%

C) 6%

D) 37.5%

E) None of these

9. 0.85 is 25% of what sum?
A) 3.4


B) 34

A) 90

D) 2.125

E) None of these

36 is what percent of 30?

A) 83.3% B) 90%


C) 21.25

C) 120%

D) 72%

E) None of these

6 is 15% of what number?
B) 0.9

C) 2.5

D) 40


E) None of these

12. The population of Snowtown was 4500 in 1990.
In 1994, it had decreased to 3600. Find the percent
decrease in population during those four years.
A) 80%

B) 90%

C) 16.2%...
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