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Topics: Analytic geometry, Polar coordinate system, Cartesian coordinate system Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Jesus Toro-Sanchez
Math 60 Chapter 4 Writing Assignment
1) Explain how to plot a point in the rectangular coordinate system. Give example with your explanation. a. In order to plot a point in the coordinate system, you will need the X coordinate as well as the Y coordinate. For example, the point (3,5) can be plotted be going right on the X axis 3 points, and going up on the Y axis 5 points. Remember the opposite goes for negatives. 2) How many Points are needed to graph a line? How many should actually be used? Explain. b. 2 points are required in order to graph a line. Math Instructor recommend 3 points be used, in order to graph a more accurate line. In my opinion, 4 points should be used to graph the most exact line. 3) A formula in the form y = mx + b models the cost, y, of a four year college x years after 2007. Would you expect m to be positive, negative, or zero? Explain your answer. c. In the formula y = mx + b where y models the cost of a four year college after 2007, I would expect the slope to be positive, In that the cost of college is only going up after 2007. 4) Describe how to Graph 4x + 3y = 6 using the slope and the y-intercept. d. In order to graph the equation, it must first be put in y = mx+ b form. Subtract 4x from both sides, then divide by 3 to get y = -4/3x + 6. Now that you have both the slope and the y-intercept, the equation can be graphed. 5) Compare the graphs of 3x – 2y > 6 and 3x – 2y ≥ 6. Discuss similarities and differences between the graphs. e. Although the graphs are vary similar, they have some major differences. Although they have the same y-intercept and slope, the lines are different. One is a dashed line while the other is a solid.
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