Math Math Go Away

Topics: Problem solving, Elementary arithmetic, Mathematics Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: January 13, 2013
“Once I get into algebra, my parents will have to help me with my homework.” “I don’t need to know a lot of math.”
“Math is so boring.”
“I’m just not good with numbers. If I need to know that stuff, I ask my boyfriend.”
Does any of the above sound familiar? Or do you also feel what others feel about their Mathematics subject? Don’t be dismayed, you’re not alone. There are many.
While the geeks and nerds are enjoying problem solving, others surely hate the ancient Greeks for inventing Mathematics. Others have hatred or lack of enthusiasm with this subject. One that aggravates their frustration is the experience of spending hours solving complex math problems only to end up getting zero as the value of x or y. Others often ask, “Why do we need to study Math? Is it necessary in our everyday lives?” Unfortunately for others, yes it is. Actually if you just look and observe your classroom, it has been confined to the four corners. It comes to think that it was seldom taught as something practical that can be used in daily life. Every time we count the things we want to buy, the money in our wallets, the number of One Direction and KPop groups’ collections we have, checking the time, figuring out how long a trip will take by using a car or a plane and etc. we use math. Basic math that is, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

But when talk of the values of x and y, the median of this, the value of pi raised to the second power, everything else seems to go south and these concepts seem so alien, far away and abstract. Let us just countered by giving examples like, say you have whole pizza and there are five of you. Naturally, it would be divided into five slices so that each would have an equal share. However, one becomes greedy, says you, and wants to have more than one slice of the pizza. So instead of dividing it into five, you cut it up into six. And since you’re the one who did the cutting, you get the sixth slice in addition to your first...
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