Math in a Restaurant

Topics: Units of measurement, Systems of measurement, Metric system Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: September 28, 2009
When I grow up I want to be a restaurant owner/ chef. I can think of many reasons to use math while owning a restaurant. First of, I would have to count the money I make. Then I would have to add up all the expenses my restaurant has like water, gas, and electricity. Next, I would have to take inventory, which is counting how many items I’ve sold compared to the amount of money I’ve made compared to the amount of that item I have left. I also have to count all the food I have left over that way I know how much food I have to order. I might have to measure the amount of water or other fluids I put in the dish. Maybe make sure I don’t pour too much alcohol in a glass like pouring wine in a beer glass. Maybe I’ll have to measure out a piece of steak or meat size. Maybe even do some conversions in the metric system. When I take orders I need to remember table numbers. Maybe I’ll need to follow recipes with many different measurements. Based on the way an item sells you may have to change prices using an average. You may need to look into eating trends, which is where more or less people come in at certain times. Possibly adding up the cost of each ingredient in a dish that way you have a reasonable price to make a profit.

Adding up a persons bill and especially adding a sales tax is a crucial need to run a restaurant. there is definetly LOTS of math in running a restaurant.
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