Math in Careers

Topics: Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: October 26, 2008
This movie showed me many examples of how mathematics, both simple and complex, are essential in our modern day society. The film showed me five different professions to try and convince me of this. In the following essay, I will expand on my feelings to prove my point. The first profession we were shown was that of Roger Sorensen. He explained to us of the difficulties he had in school and how he struggled to get a “C” in math class, but he pursued his dreams and became a fishing biologist. He explained that he uses data management, calculus, geometry, and percentages in his job all the time. The second profession the video showed belonged to Crystal Pearl. She was an architect and an engineer. She worked hard in school and didn’t just do what she had to do. She pushed herself and has a wall of certificates and degrees to prove it. Her profession is more than just important. Every day she goes to work she uses her mathematical skills to save lives. She uses algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and geometry to ensure a structure’s safety. Darren Law is a racing car driver/instructor. He explained that mechanical engineering is key when racing in order to get the peak performance out of the car. The fourth profession was of Christine Hallman. She uses geometry and measurements to do her job. She is a dendrochronologist and that is the study of growth tree rings. With this we can tell important events in history relating to climate, and even natural disasters. The last job we were shown was that of Mike Snyder who is a skate shop owner. He explained that he mostly uses simple math and algebra but it is still significant that he understand it so that he can keep his company running well by watching his budget and profit margins. In conclusion, whatever job I choose, and I’m not sure yet, whether it is a lawyer, an author, or a garbage man, I’ll always need math skills. A lawyer works with percentages, estimating, profit margins, and accounting numbers, an author may...
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