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Diploma Programme Mathematics SL

Internal assessment criteria and additional notes November 2006

This document consists of extracts from the subject guide and the teacher support material already available on the OCC, as well as additional notes providing guidance for teachers with regards to using the internal assessment criteria. These additional notes can also be found in the May 2006 subject report.

Diploma Programme Mathematics SL—Internal assessment criteria and additional notes

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Internal assessment criteria and additional notes
Additional notes on applying the criteria
These additional notes on applying the criteria were written by the senior moderators following the May 2006 examination session. They will be helpful to teachers and were included in the subject report.

Criterion A: use of notation and terminology
Achievement level 0 1 2 Descriptor

The student does not use appropriate notation and terminology. The student uses some appropriate notation and/or terminology. The student uses appropriate notation and terminology in a consistent manner and does so throughout the work.

Tasks will probably be set before students are aware of the notation and/or terminology to be used. Therefore the key idea behind this criterion is to assess how well the students’ use of terminology describes the context. Teachers should provide an appropriate level of background knowledge in the form of notes given to students at the time the task is set. Correct mathematical notation is required, but it can be accompanied by calculator notation, particularly when students are substantiating their use of technology. This criterion addresses appropriate use of mathematical symbols (for example, use of “ ≈ ” instead of “ = ” and proper vector notation). Word processing a document does not increase the level of achievement for this criterion or for criterion B. Students should take care to write in appropriate mathematical symbols by hand if the word processing software does not supply them. For example, using x ^ 2 instead of x 2 would be considered a lack of proper usage and the student would not achieve level 2.

Additional notes
Correct mathematical notation and symbols must be used, for example, π should be used rather than the word “pi”. Calculator or computer notation should not be used. Notation such as ABS(x), 5.23E17, * and so on, should not be used and such use will be penalised.

A single shortcoming would not preclude the awarding of level 2. The terminology may depend on the task. In the case of type I (mathematical investigation) activities, terminology may include terms devised by the candidate (for example, “slide”, “shift”, and so on), provided that such terms reasonably reflect the appropriate mathematical concept.

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Internal assessment criteria and additional notes

Criterion B: communication...
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