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Two-Variable Inequalities
Danielle Smith
MAT 222 Week 2 Assignment
Instructor Thompson
September 15, 2014

Two-Variable Inequalities
This week we are doing two variable inequalities. The two variable inequalities are independent and dependent variables with graphing. I am going to work on the problem number 68 from page 539 from our book (Dugopolski, 2012). The problem is asking about the way to ship with the shipping restrictions. There is a graph that shows all of the possibilities of the number of refrigerators and the number of TVs that will fit on the 18-wheeler truck. First we need to write out the inequality to describe this region. Then answer two questions first one being will the truck hold 71 refrigerators and 118 TVs or will the truck hold 51 refrigerators and 176 TVs? The book shows a graphing points at (0,330) and (110,0). m=y, -y =330-0=330=-3

x ,-x 0-110 -110
This is the first slope is -3.
Now we can form a linear equation to write.
y,-y =( x-x) slope point
y-330=-3x we simplify the parenthesis
y=-3x+330 add 330 to each side
3x+y refrigerators and 118 TVs? 3x+y
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