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Topics: Mobile phone, Multimedia Messaging Service, Telephone call Pages: 3 (566 words) Published: August 8, 2014
Scenario #1: A Non-Working Grandma

Overview of Scenario:
Grandma survives off a old age pension which means that she wouldn’t be able to contribute a lot of money to spend each month on a phone plan She makes calls each month which can be easily factorised into a correct plan Daughter- 30 minutes once a week

Son- 40 minutes once a week
Sister- 60 minutes once a week
SMS’s are minimal, averaging to about 10 a week
International Calls will not be included in determining which plan is best for Grandma No MMS messages are sent which makes choosing a plan to suit Grandma a lot easier

Phone Plan Selected:

Based on the information provided above the following two plans have been selected:

Optus- $40 My Time Plan
Virgin- Simple Recharge Voucher
Monthly Access Fee
Free Calls
90 standard national are included then $1.00 flat rate and Unlimited standard national calls to one Australian landline Unlimited calls to people with a virgin mobile
Connection Fee- Flagfall

Call Rate
90 standard national are included then $1.00 flat rate
15c per minute to other networks

40 standard national SMS are included and then 25c per SMS up to 160 characters Unlimited to Virgin mobiles but 15c per 160 characters


25c to virgin mobiles and 60c to other networks
International Call Rate
15c/min to over 100 countries, please visit for more information Included Data

Excess Data
50c per MB
1MB within Australia (excess), Virgin Internet APN excess data charged at $2.05MB and deducted in 1/KB units. Yes Internet APN excess data charged at 12c/MB and deducted in 1MB units

These two mobile plans were picked because they have a low monthly access fee; both contain free calls and free SMS and have a below $50 monthly fee

Purpose of this report:
To find out what mobile phone plan would best suit a grandmother on a old age pension...
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