Topics: Heart, Cardiac arrest, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: February 9, 2014

11. What is the best method to learn CPR?

The best way to learn CPR is through an accredited first-aid course.

12. Identify the CAB’s of CPR, AND describe the meaning of each letter below in a complete sentence.

C – Circulation is the step where you restore blood circulation to the person.

A – Airway is the step where you clear the person’s airway.

B – Breathing is the step where you breathe for the person.

13. Identify 4 differences in administering CPR to a child (ages 1-8 years) rather than for an adult.
1. You have to use only one hand to perform heart compressions.

2. You have to breathe more gently.

3. After 5 cycles of CPR with no response apply AED and use pediatric pads.

4. Use the same compression-breath for adults on children but following the 2 breaths immediately begin next cyle.

14. The most common cause of cardiac arrest in infants is due to the lack of oxygen. What are the two most common causes of lack of oxygen in infants? ( 4 points )

15. How do the rescue efforts differ when rescuing a baby if you are the only rescuer or if there is an additional rescuer? ( 4 points )


16. How does breathing for a baby differ from that of an adult or child? ( 3 points )

PART THREE: Video instruction.
View the following videos by opening a new browser window and visiting the website After viewing each video, describe/summarize the steps one should follow when performing CPR on Adults, Infants and Children. Use complete sentences and include each step in the process.

Adult Summary ( 5 points )

Infant Summary ( 5 points )

Children Summary ( 5 points )
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