Math 214 Final Reflective Paper

Topics: Problem solving, Number, Addition Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Math 213 gives new teachers the tools needed to further understand what they will be facing when entering the classroom. There is a wide range of mathematic concepts covered throughout this course. Among them the major topics included: the principals and process standards for elementary school mathematics defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the application of problem-solving strategies using numerical patterns. Additional major concepts covered were the relations and functions to solve problems, base value, language sets, the value of the Venn diagrams, how to make reasonable estimates, and how to apply number theory to applications.

Week one was the exploration of the six principles of elementary school mathematics: equity, curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, and connection. These standards outline the understanding, knowledge, and skills student should acquire in each grade level. NCTM’s establishes focus and coherence into teacher’s efforts in improving mathematics. NCTM offers teachers examples and recommendations of a wide variety of educational circumstances that serve in the best interest of the student. They serve as a support group in guiding every educator in their efforts to improving how math will be presented in the classroom. Week one was also dedicated to showing the differences in how adults and children learn while investigating problem-solving strategies. The action of students with no prior knowledge of mathematics was quite overwhelming. When time is not an essence and logic does not exist students are surprisingly able to grasp concepts of mathematics. Revealing this process illustrates the importance of encouraging students to take risks while exploring problem solving. With the right tools put into place students can excel and possibly lead the way into higher mathematics.

Week two covered several number systems, functions, patterns, and problem solving strategies. We thoroughly examined the...
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