Math 214

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Reflection on Math
April Thompson
Math 214
March 25, 2013
Michelle Carmel

Reflection on Math
In my experience in this course, I was taught and also came across many different concepts of becoming a math educator. By being a math teacher, to me it means that we must know and also process the information that is giving and taught to us as well. I have heard many individuals say the math is an easy subject to teach, because everything is written out for us educators step by steps. But, what they do not know it that this course takes time, and also require a little preparation and knowledge of the subject to teach the students how to perform well in this course. In this class it was viewed as a new experience, and when I referred back to my past math teachers it was brought to my attention that they actually understands how to do the math and in many different ways other than just what is in the book. I tend to do better and remember the math concepts longer when I am actually practicing on the assignments. It is easy to just write out the math problems steps from book or from a lesson plan, but to really take the time and to explain the steps in a way for all students to understand the problems takes practice and an understanding of the math ourselves. Becoming a math teacher takes time and it especially takes patience, because not all students will get the solution on the first try, so we as teachers, would have to make sure that they will grasp the concept before moving on to the next assignment. In other words we would have to recognize the student’s readiness or not readiness for the next step in math. So, we would have to put in a lot of time and effort for each student, even if that means continue to work with them before and after school to make sure they are getting what they are doing before moving on to the next. If a student does not understand how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide than how can the student be expected to understand...
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