Math 133-1102a Unit 4 Group Project

Topics: Meaning of life, Mathematics, Profit maximization Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: September 18, 2011
MATH 133-1102A
Unit 4 Group Project

Annual profit in thousands of dollars is given by the function, P(x) = 5000 - (1000/(x-1)), where x is the number of items sold in thousands, x > 1. 1.describe the meaning of the number 5000 in the formula

2.describe the meaning of the number 1 in the formula
3.find the profit for 5 different values of x
4.graph the profit function over its given domain; use the 5 values calculated in part 3 to construct the graph and connect these points with a smooth curve in Excel or another graphing utility. Insert the graph in a Word file and attach the graph in a Word file to the class DB thread. 5.will this profit function have a maximum, if so, what is it? 6.what steps should the company take to prepare for your answer to part 5? 1.Robin Lee

2.Derrick Roberts
3.Angela Johnson
4.June Stonehocker
5.Angela Johnson
6.Dedrana McCray

#1The 5000 in the problem represents the limiting profit which is the maximum profit value, which can be the initial amount. #2One is the limit of the annual profit equation where it determines the rise or increase in the annual profit or the lack their of the Elite Marketing Corporation. X=5 P=Profit

P (5) =5000-(1000/ (5-1)
I subtracted 1 from 5 and that leaves me with 4
P (5) =5000-(1000/ (5-1)
P (5) =5000-(1000/(4)
Next I begin to divide the 4 into 1000 and that gave me 250
P (5) =5000-(1000/4)
P (5) =5000-250
Next step is to subtract 250 from 5000 and I will have my profit P (5) = 5000-250
P (5) =4750
Which means X is greater or higher than 1 because X which is 5 is greater than because X is what the profit will be at the end of the year and 1 is at the beginning of the year which means the company made a $4,750 profit. X>1

#3 Find the profit for 5 different values of x.

( both "x" and the profit, P(x), are listed in "thousands")

x = 3: P(3) = 5000 – [1000/(3 – 1)] = 5000 – (1000/2) = 4,500

x = 5: P(5) = 5000 – [1000/(5 – 1)] =...

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