Maternal Deprevation

Topics: Attachment theory, Primary care, Health care Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: August 11, 2010
Child Psychology

Assignment Three
1. Give an understanding of your feelings regarding maternal depravation (write at least five hundred words). “Maternal depravation” has been used to describe a whole range of situations in which the infant is deprived of his/her relationship with its mother/ primary carer. Bowlbys theory of “Maternal depravation” was founded on the hypothesis, that if a child is detached on a physical and emotional level from its primary carer that this will have a long term effects emotionally for that child. According to Bowlby this detachment will see an increase in disruptive and deviant behaviour as well as a detachment between themselves and their children in the future. Bowlby even goes as far as to suggest that the affected child could possibly grow into an affectionless psychopath lacking and social conscience. Bowlby based his research on a group of children who had been referred to his clinic for stealing (Juvenile thieves). Bowlby found that 32% of them were indeed lacking any conscious understanding or empathy towards the society in which they inhabited and was apart of. 86% apparently had indeed experienced early separation (if only for a week before the age of five). And in contrast only 17% of these children had not been deprived during their early years. On this basis Bowlby claimed that maternal depravation would have the following consequences on the child:- * Emotionally and physically aggressiveness,

* Depression,
* Delinquency,
* Dependency anxiety (clinging),
* Dwarfism (retarded growth),
* Affectionless psychopath (showing no feelings for others), * Intellectual retardation and,
* Social maladjustment.
Shumacker, Glueck and Glueck have also researched Bowlbys findings. Shumacker echoes Bowlbys findings and states “The structure of the family and home environments are very important in the development of the child.” Shumacker believed that if the child suffered detachment from their...
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