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Business Plan
Materials Department

Hospitality Operations Management

Stenden University – International Hospitality Management
The Netherlands

Submitted in Partial Fulfilment for the Requirements of the degree Programme Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Hospitality Management.

April 2011, Module 3

Materials Department
Odd weeks Nick Sweertman - 79125
Even weeks Susanne Dupuis -117579
Declaration of own work

1. This work is composed by us.

2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma, by us or anyone else.

3. The work of which this is a record is done wholly by us.

4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of our information have been specifically acknowledged.

Date: January, 2011

Susanne Dupuis 117579

Nick Sweertman79125

Executive Summary

The materials department is responsible for the ordering, receiving and checking of the different products received by different suppliers. Moreover the products are internally distributed, directly after the delivery of the supplier, or on request. The mission of the department is to support the operational departments of SUH by consequently delivering products of high quality, ensuring the quality of products in stock by performing inventory control, and by delivering products fast to the right department in order to increase productivity and efficiency. From a finance perspective, the kitchen and canteen are the main customers of both internal and external products. Materials has its own storages in which products are stored as ‘buffer inventory’. To be more cost efficient Economic Order Quantity should be applied to find a balance between inventory holding costs and order costs. EOQ will be implemented in module 4. The web-client system is the system used for making internal and external requests. By making use of this program product flows within SUH are administrated and controlled efficiently. From HRM perspective the focus of the business plan lays on the web-client system and the development of the second year materials supervisors. A manual is created in which the web-client system is explained. Every SUH department that is using web-client has this manual so that new supervisors and managers can make use of the system properly. Learning and growth of the materials supervisors is done by an introduction video in which all procedures within the department are explained. Furthermore a competences card will be created for module 4 on which all required competences and skills of a materials supervisor are listed. Every competence is assessed by the manager or practical instructor and signed of when sufficient. To earn participation points the supervisor should hand in the card with signs for all required competences. From operations perspective the focus is on the web-client system as well. To ensure the quality and speed of both internal and external deliveries the system should be used by all SUH departments in the correct way. Time planning is essential because suppliers have specific order deadlines before which the order should be placed. Supply chain management is implemented by correct treatment of suppliers and making good agreements about order deadlines, delivery days and how to put through the order. From sales and marketing perspective the target groups are the operational SUH departments. Since their target groups are students and hotel guests these are the indirect target groups of the materials department as well. Good communication and correct treatment of the suppliers and internal customers are essential. The web-client system is important here because when it is correctly used the orders are send correctly to the suppliers. In module 4 the materials department should make use of the web-client system to promote stocked products that are getting...
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