Material in Portal Frame

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Materials in Portal Frame
In this section, materials which can be utilized in this portal frame structure will be discussed. Each material advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed. Since the world of construction nowadays have been favouring environmental friendly material in construction with the lowest cost possible, this section will also discuss about the benefits of each material to the environment.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer or GFRP is a material that can be shaped into almost any shape. The example of GFRP is shown in figure xx. This material can replace cold rolled steel as purlins or girts. If GRFP is utilized, the portal frame section can be design to consume less steel because GFRP is light weight. Since it has a very high strength to weight ratio, being light weight, GFRP does not make it loose its strength. Regardless, this material still possesses less strength compared to steel. This material is also environment and corrosion resistance, so when used as purlins or girts member, it will not rust when get in contact with rain water. The energy required to produce GFRP is considerably small if compared to conventional steel, so it is a better option if the client prefer a more environmental friendly structure. This material also requires less maintenance and more durable compared to steel, research showed that after 30 years of usage, GFRP shows no loss in laminate properties.

Figure 1: Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer has not been used commercially to construct a portal frame building because its price is still relatively high compared to normal steel. GFRP also have a low Young’s Modulus (E), meaning this material is not very still, therefore, a shorter span is more effective when used. Most people still prefer steel structure to GFRP structure is because of its cost. GFRP structure will cost more compared to steel structure.

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer...
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