Mat 221 Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Body mass index, Adipose tissue, Obesity Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 11, 2013
My Body Mass

By: Lashell Marrow
Instr: Shenita Talton
MAT 221: Introduction to Algebra
Date : April 7, 2013

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator to help people to determine if they might have a longer life span than average, are probably not overweight, are probably overweight, or are obese. The intervals for each are from 17 to 22, 23 to 24.999, 25 to 29.9, and over 30 respectively. Notice that it is between 17 and 22. That is not inclusive but rather a compound inequality statement which is 17 < BMI < 22. Moreover, over 30 is an inequality statement with a positive infinity which is any BMI that is greater than 30, or BMI > 30 which will be written as (30, +∞). Anyway, my BMI will be calculated, and I will explain how I arrived at the results. Sometimes, a person’s BMI can be misleading, so reasons will be provided about why. Finally, there is an evaluation of the regions outside of the “probably not overweight” range by using the set and interval notations along with a simple graph of the regions.

Now, I am five feet and eleven inches tall, and I weigh 180 pounds. Remember that one foot is equivalent to twelve inches. Since I am five feet tall, we will multiply five with twelve to get sixty. Now, I am an additional eleven inches taller than five feet, that is, sixty inches. Hence, we will add eleven inches to sixty inches to make that seventy one inches. The formula is:

BMI = (703W)/(H^2) where BMI is the Body Mass Index, W is the weight in pounds, and H is height in inches. Since I am seventy one inches tall, we will denote that as H = 71. Since I am 180 pounds, we will denote that as W = 180. Hence, plug both of the values into the formula, which is BMI = (703*180)/(71^2). 71^2 is 71 squared which means that 71 times 71 is 5,041. 703*180 is 703 times 180 equals 126,540. Hence, we will have BMI = 126,540/5,041. Either by using the calculator or performing a long division 126,540 divided by 5,929 is approximately equivalent...
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