Mat 101 Reflective Essay

Topics: Energy, Elementary algebra, Learning Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: March 27, 2011
In regards to how much I feel I improved my knowledge and skills of advanced math during this course, I sadly have to say none whatsoever. I am just as frustrated with math at the end of this course as I was when I started. I did put an honest effort into trying to learn the material as best I could. I thought that since I had not taken math since high school nearly ten years ago, I would grasp the concepts easier. Apparently I was wrong.

I honestly believe that as lackluster as my performance for this course was, that I could not have done any better. I have never had to use any algebraic concept outside of the classroom, and I believe that this contributes to why these concepts do not stick in my mind and do not make sense. They never have and I'm guessing they probably never will. I know I was not successful in implementing any of the courses. But again, these are concepts that I have never had to use in my everyday life. I have never had to use them in any job I have ever held either. I am never going to be an architect, a nuclear engineer, a computer scientist, or do anything that requires me to do implement anything in these courses. This is mainly because I do not have the intellect to break into these career fields, or any other decent paying job for that matter. Therefor I do not understand why I should be forced to “learn” concepts that are completely useless to me. Again, I have never once had to use algebra outside of the classroom. Any time I have had to solve some sort of a logic-based issue, I have done so without knowing linear equations, functions, graphs, or sets. I have solved problems on my own or with the help of others without any knowledge of algebra, and I don't suspect that will change anytime soon.
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