Mastrubation Isnt It Harmful?

Topics: Human sexuality, Orgasm, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Masturbation – isn’t it harmful???

Most of the professionals in the field of sexuality medicine claim that masturbation does not cause any harm to physical or mental health. Few even feel that masturbation is healthy, because it helps people to relive their sexual urge there by preventing unsafe sexual relationships. Quiet true, Masturbation may not cause any physical harm, if the standards of hygiene are maintained. But the same cannot be true when we look at it from a psychological perspective.

Masturbation in one habit that can become a compulsive need in adolescents which is carried into adulthood, if necessary control is not brought about, at an appropriate time, by the person involved. The reasons being, it is one pleasurable activity that can be done any time, the only requirement being some place with a little privacy. It also does not involve any financial expenditure or social commitments. So there is an urge to experience the pleasure whenever there is privacy and opportunity. This habit in fact becomes a compulsive behavior even at this stage because in every situation of privacy creates craving for masturbation.

In the next stage they start looking for privacy whenever possible just for the sake of involving in masturbation. Most of the time “rest rooms” becomes the place that is used, whenever they don’t have any other place of privacy. Once this practice come existence the urge can becomes so compulsive that even when they have hectic schedules or important tasks to be completed, they may just take short breaks to restrooms to finish off the urge. This stage indicates the obsessive psychological preoccupation with sexual thoughts and need for compulsive masturbation, to overcome the thought.

The other danger is the development of the belief that masturbation is a stress buster. Yes masturbation can act as a diversion from stressful thoughts or events. It can very well act as a buffer. But this belief...
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