Masters System Analysis and Design Project

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Election Pages: 30 (3515 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Software Requirements for Web-Based Online Voting for CSC-SSG of MinSCAT Bongabong Campus

A.1. Introduction
The system aims to expedite the process of voting and the result of the election. With the system, the voters will visit and sign up first on the provided website then log on with their respective and correct student id, username and password in order to vote. The proposed technology system hopes to help the Chairman of the College Commission on Election to cast, count and tally the votes of each candidate with ease, promptness and accuracy. The study is also useful to the voters since they will be more informed about the candidates who are running and they can register and vote via website. The specification that follows describes the operation of the proposed system.

A.1.1 Purpose
This specification describes the software design requirements of the website for online voting for SSG and CSC of MBC is intended to be the basis of software development process for which end users can use as preliminary documentation.

A.1.2 Scope
The software system described in this section is divided into two parts: the software system for data gathering, and the software system for data storage. The data gathering system will be designed for any computer, as well as PCs, or even mobile phones and other devices that are capable to access this system and connected to the internet and shall provide the following functionalities: a. Providing an interface to input data about candidates for election. b. Providing an interface to input data of the voters.

The software system for data storage, on the other hand, will be designed as a web-based for data application and shall provide the following functionalities: a. Receiving data collected through computers, mobile devices, etc. b. Recording and storing data of voters and candidates.

c. Retrieving data for viewing, printing and generating report.

A.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

The following list defines the terms used in this document.

Candidate- A person who runs for a certain position.
CSC- College Student Council
MBC – MinSCAT Bongabong Campus
Mobile Device – A handheld device such as a mobile phone or an iPod that can be brought anywhere with ease. Online Voting System- A system that requires the voters to cast their votes through computers, mobile devices and other devices that must be connected to the internet. SSG- Supreme Student Government

Voter- A person who cast their vote during election.

A.2. Overall Description

A.2.1 Computer/Laptop/Mobile Devices Overview

The devices for which data gathering system are intended to be integrated have the following characteristics: a. The mobile devices can be a cellphone or an iPod.
b. It should have the touch-screen capability.
c. The mobile device should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. d. The computer and laptop should be connected to the Internet. A.2.2 Product Perspective
A.2.2.1 System Interfaces
The system interfaces are described below.

A.2.2.2 User Interfaces
Data Gathering
The voters must register using their personal email account to link the website. They must also input the following information needed in the website such as student id, student name, course, year/section, username and password.

Website Authorized Personnel
The person in charge will gather the candidates’ information to be entered in the said website.

Data Storage
The voters must click the register or submit button to store the information they have entered as well as to cast their votes.

Website Authorized Personnel
The personnel must check the data or information sent by the voters and candidates in the database to eliminate data redundancy and also to monitor the process of voting including the vote tallies to prevent election fraud and generate result of election.

A.2.2.3Hardware Interfaces

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