Mastering the Art of Listening

Topics: Hearing, Line of communication, The Other Person Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: January 20, 2007
Mastering the art of listening
Jacqueline Washington
Axia College University of Phoenix
IT 105 Skills for Learning in an Information Age
Heidi Koppenhofer
January 14, 2006

Learning how to listen is needed in everyday life but, it is essential in order to have a successful relationship. That relationship may be comprised of a mother and child a husband, and his wife, or a boss, and an employee. No matter who the relationship involves it is important to be proficient in the skill of listening. Most people are so focused on getting their point across they do not hear what the other person is saying. Furthermore, the hardest task for one to do is sit and be quiet while another person is ranting and raving about something that may be upsetting to them especially if it is a loved one. The need to fix or give advice is always the first idea that comes to mind. The mere fact that in a debate, one does not always have to be in agreement with the other person's view seems to never be an option. Agreeing to disagree is always an option. If a friend or loved one is experiencing troubled times, sharing an opinion may not always be the best way to handle the situation. The situation may warrant a need for someone to listen who will allow him to vent his frustrations and not say a word. Listening can be just as, if not more, effective as solving the problem. Being supportive is not always equated with talking one should be content with silence (Savage, 2006). Support may be in the form of reducing other indirect pressures. If a spouse is coming home from a rough day at work, hearing that Bobby acted out in school today may not be the first thing he, or she needs to hear coming through the door. "At times, deliberately choose not to unload every issue and problem of the day during first few minutes he or she enters the door." (Savage, 2006, p.1, Sec 5). Many companies have seminars on leadership to improve the relationship between the management team and their...
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