Master Tropes in Beverage Advertisments

Topics: Metaphor, Simile, Advertising Pages: 8 (2194 words) Published: June 19, 2013

This paper investigates three master tropes (viz. simile, metaphor, and metonymy) in beverage ads. The purpose of the investigation is twofold: (i) to identify the advertisements about their ground, target and source. (ii) to analyze and compare the way they choose the tropes. After the investigation, we find out some conclude about the relationship between the three master tropes.


The language of advertising is a prominent genre of text in which various tropes occur. It is estimated that the average American is exposed to over 3,000 ads a day (Kilbourne 1999) and the amount in Taiwan is also very high. Most advertising is constantly striving for novelty, for effective and striking devices which will overcome the fatigue of audiences who over-exposed to advertising. Because tropes commonly entail a semantic or conceptual change from the norm, they have come to be used as catchy devices that turn skimmers into readers. Tropes were found in a great percent of advertisements. Therefore, advertising language provides a considerable main group for examining various tropes. In this paper we will consider three master tropes in ads- namely simile, metaphor, and metonymy. The advertisement we choose is target in beverages. We want to narrow the range for analyzing the ads which in the same category. We will try to analyze the meanings of print ads and the ways in which they work. Finally, we will compare the way they use the tropes, and trying to find out the different effect those tropes brings out. In Section 2, 3, and 4, we shall explore simile, metaphor, and metonymy in ads respectively. And Section 5 is concerned with the composite analyze in three of the tropes.


2.1 Introduction
The simile in the English language is a trope based on an analogy between overt theme and an overt vehicle, linked by a comparison marker such as like ,as ,and more …than. Simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two things through some connective, usually like, as, than or a verb such as resembles. We can use similes to make descriptions more emphatic or vivid. A simile differs from a metaphor is that the latter compares two unlike things by saying that the one thing is the other thing. There are four advertisements using for examples in simile.

2. The examples of simile in advertisement

2.2.1 就 像 在 家裡 養 了一頭 牛 一 樣
(jiou shiang tzai jia li yang le yi tou niou yi yang)
Just like keeping a cow in the house
-林鳳營鮮乳(Lin Feng Ying Milk)

In this case, as we drink milk, we would like it to be fresh. Fresher the milk is, more willing we would be. For this general concept, the ad emphasizes its features which may attract the consumers—fresh. Keeping a cow in our own house is the most direct way to get fresh milk. As a result, this ad expresses everyone successfully.

2.2.2 像 全 天 下 的 老 媽 照顧 家人 的 健 康 (shiang chiuan tian shia de lau ma jau gu jia ren de jian kang) As a mom who always caring about family’s health
-統一鮮乳(Uni-president milk )

This brand creates its warm image not only on advertisement but also on its packing. In our memories, as we were kids, Mom always has milk for us. Therefore, milk becomes a kind of warm meaning in everyone’s mind deeply. When mom is not with us, it becomes the first choice to remind our memories.

2.2.3 長 得 像 大樹 一 樣
(jang de shiang da shu yi yang)
As tall as a tree
-克寧奶粉(Klim milk powder)

Tree has a symbol of tall and strong. All parents hope their children growing up with healthy and strong. Besides, it is necessary for every growing kid. So, having this slogan for the merchandise might appeal parents to buy it.

2.2.4 Lipton’s gets into more hot water than anything.
-Lipton’s tea bag

We all know that tea bags need hot water absolutely. As a result, it has a funny simile that told us...
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