Master of Management Studies: Syllabus

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Master of Management Studies (MMS)
Two Year Full Time Degree Course About the course The MMS curriculum ensures the adaptability required to meet the volatile business environment. We recognize the need to provide talented young budding managers to cope with such need. This curriculum exposes the students to real life situations and sharpens their thinking to generate innovative ideas and solution and view their discussions in the light of various constraints. In addition to the University syllabus, this course continuously incorporates contemporary subjects. The full time MMS course of 2 years duration consists of four academic semesters and is open to candidates who have taken a Bachelors' degree in any faculty of Mumbai University or of any other University recognized as equivalent thereto. Admissions are limited to a carefully selected group of about 60 participants. The entrance exam is administered by Directorate of Technical Education SYLLABUS First Year (common for all specialization) Semester I 1.1 Perspective Management 1.2 Financial Accounting 1.3 Managerial Economics 1.4 Operations Management 1.5 Organizational Behaviour 1.6 Business Mathematics 1.7 Information Technology for Management 1.8 Communication Skills 1.9 Marketing Management Electives 1, 2: (need to opt 2 electives from 1.10 to 1.13) 1.10 Selling & Negotiation Skills 1.11 High Performance Leadership 1.12 Indian Ethos in Management 1.13 Corporate Social Responsibility projects Semester II 2.1 Legal and Tax Aspects of Business 2.2 Cost & Management Accounting Economic 2.3 Environment of Business 2.4 Operations Research 2.5 Human Resources Management 2.6 Research Methodology and Fundamentals of MR 2.7 Management Information Systems 2.8 Financial Management 2.9 Marketing Applications and Practices Electives 1, 2: (need to opt 2 electives from 2.10 to 2.13) 2.10 Decision Science 2.11 Managerial Process Skills 2.12 Analysis of Financial Statements

NMITD 2.13 Foreign Languages...
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