Master Harold and the Boys Essay

Topics: Athol Fugard, Master Harold...and the Boys, Mother Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: September 18, 2011
“Master Harold and the boys” - Athol Fugard

Mid 1950's in South Africa, a country in continuous turmoil by racism and segregation. Athol Fugard brings his play to life, by using symbolic metaphor techniques with a driving story of a young teen (Harold Hally) going through personal and family difficulty with his two colored servants (Sam Semala) and (Willie Malopo), this piece emphasizes more than the general issue of racism, it describes how sparks of hope can influence an individuals perception, altering beyond the limit of color, it emphasizes the value of family and friendship, with its fair share of struggle.

Harold Hally, the main protagonist and the youngest of the three. Hally is a young naive white teen that doesn't believe a text-book education will make him successful, but his enlightened and philosophical points will. He shows total distaste in the school curriculum by failing to give effort on his exams. However has the potential to excel better, for a teen, his perception on life is dim and with a lack of belief towards anything. He states he is an atheist. This perception and belief ultimately become his weakness, as it deprives him from self-confidence in himself. With the lack of parental guidance in his life, due to his alcoholic cripple father consistency going to the hospital and his mother tending to him. Hallys' guidance ironically comes from the wise and experienced colored servant Sam Semala. A man in his mid 40's with a religious christian background. Sam is an experienced dancer with a positive outlook on life, eager to learn whatever he possibly can, he cares for Hally as a close friend/ parental guardian. Sam throughout the play is always trying to help Hally by teaching him what school cannot, life lessons and individual experience. Giving Hally something to believe in, more or less himself. Lastly there is Willie, around the same age as Sam, Willie is less interested in learning about history or academics, his interest lies...
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