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Recycling old computer
1. identify disadvantage school
1.1 create standard of disadvantage school
1.2 list all disadvantage schools according to the standard
1.3 create a contact form of disadvantage schools
1.4 contact these school to confirm whether they are willing to accept old computers 1.5 add and delete some schools from the list
Key deliverable: checklist of disadvantage school, contact form of disadvantage school

2. Find appropriate donators
2.1 create standard of donator
2.2 create standard of old computers
3.3 create the contact form of donators
3.4 contact the appropriate donators
Key deliverable: checklist of donators, contact form of donators, standard of computer

3. Recycle old computer
3.1 make a plan of activity for collecting old computers
3.2 determine who might involve the activity
3.3 determine the way of collecting computers
3.4 create contact form of involvers
3.5 contact involvers
3.6 contact donators
3.6 collect computers
Key deliverable: plan of activity of collecting computer, checklist of involvers, Contact form of involvers

4. Repair and maintain old computer
4.1 create a standard which computers need repair and maintenance 4.2 check the condition of old computers according to the standard 4.3 list of available software and hardware.
4.3 repair and maintain computers
Key deliverable: checklist of computers which need to be repaired and maintained, Checklist of software and hardware

5. Deliver old computers to disadvantage school
5.1 make a plan of delivering computers
5.2 determine who involve the delivery
5.3 create contact form of involvers
5.4 contact the involvers
5.5 contact the disadvantage schools
5.6 deliver old computers
Key deliverable: plan of delivering computers, checklist of involvers, Contact form of involvers,
6. Provide technical support after distribution
6.1 determine what supports...
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