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3. In building a House of Quality what departments or functions should be involved in each step or the process?

The first step in building a house of quality is by identifying the voice of the customer that is what the customer is expecting as expressed in the customers own words. This can be as in the building a better pizza example in the book, the taste of the pizza, the nutrition, the visual appeal or good value. The marketing department of a company can get these requirements by developing a market research study in which they hear exactly what the customer wants. For the second step in creating a house of quality you have to take into consideration the technical features this decisions have to be made by the management of the company in can be the finance department or the operations department in which they can determine what variables apply. To continue with the building a better pizza example these are the price, size, amount of cheese, type of topping, and amount of topping in the pizza. The relationship between the voice of the customer and the technical features crea a matrix structure in the center of the diagram. By evaluating how each technical feature relates to each customer requirement. This can be defined by strong, very strong, weak, or no relationship. The roof of the House of Quality shows the interrelationships of any pair of technical features. The operations department should also do this. Then to the right of the relationship matrix there is an assessment of the level of importance of each customer requirement. The marketing department or the department that is in charge of the research should find the importance by listening attentively to each customer. For the final step, the bottom to the house, is to identify technical features that have the strongest relationships to the customer requirements this part of the house should be done by the operations department.

13. Identify a job in an organization and describe how the four...
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