Massive Tourism

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II.Advantages of Massive Tourism
a.For People
b.For Government
III.Disadvantages of Massive Tourism
b.Effect on the Culture
iii.Life Style
c.Effect on the Environment


In this globalized world the stress caused by the workload and the problems that occur everyday in our social environment, have a direct effect on the health of the person, who tries to find a way to release the tension. This is why many doctors recommend recreation in the form of travel to avoid harm to our health. Nowadays Tourism has a key part in the lives of every person, but mostly business people. They use it as a way to connect with their children and at the same time, recover their lost energy.

These believe has spread all over the world and now Massive Tourism has become an important issue in the Government plans and the Tourism Industry. Massive Tourism happens when large masses of tourist arrive to visit a place. Travel Agencies offer tour packages to groups of people to get lower airfares, room rates, etc.

Massive Tourism has a direct effect on the economy of the country, by increasing the incomes and providing more work. But many countries aren’t prepared to receive large groups of people, which causes damage to the culture, infrastructure and also to the environment.

Advantages of Massive Tourism

For People

Tour Operators and Travel Agencies offer Tour Packages to tourist around the world, to visit and enjoy another countries culture without the need to plan all the activities, transport or accommodations by themselves and by traveling in large groups they get lower costs. This is why the number of tourist has increased, because nowadays it is easier to travel, not to mention cheaper. What most people look for in a trip is to leave all worries and problems behind, and just enjoy and relax for a determined amount of time in another city or country and away form their normal lives. Tour operators can offer lower costs because by making these tour packages they an agreement with the hotel, airlines, museums, etc, who are part of the package. These companies offer the operators a lesser cost, in exchange of promotion, which they get with this tour packages. Both the companies and the tourist benefit from this packages. Also because you travel with a group that will share the same activities and interests it is probable to form relationships and friendships with new people.

For Governments

Large groups of people arrive everyday to a country, and they expend money by realizing various activities during their stay. (For example food, museums, discos, shopping, transport). This is why the country benefits from massive tourism because it has a positive effect on the economy of the country by increasing the incomes.

The Tourism Industry is ever growing, which results in more job openings and increases the interest of studying tourism related careers to improve the service given in their country and also to have a bigger involvement to incentive the tourist activities and at the same time, protect the natural patrimony. In addition, massive tourism boosts other kinds of tourism, such as eco tourism which increases investments to create new recreational, and tourist areas. Another advantage of massive tourism is that it improves the relationship between countries.


One disadvantage is the rapidly spread of the diseases because of massive tourism. Most people who travels likes to go to a completely different place. For example, they want to visit exotic places. But they do not know the real consequence of their adventure. Sometimes, they are taken by the emotion of the trip and they don’t inform well about the places they are going. One case took place in China. There was a new virus, very contagiously, which spread fast due to the tourists who travel around the world. That way,...
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