Massimo Dutti Marketing Plan

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New Collection Launch | Marketing Plan

Prepared BY
Said Hassan
Amr Sawy
Ahmed Samy

Presented To
Dr. Talaat Asaad

Table of content
1. Cover
2. Table of content
3. Company overview
4. Brand explained
5. Key success Factors
6. Industry analysis
7. SWOT analysis
8. Customer analysis
9. Segment analysis
10. Market analysis
11. Marketing and promotion plan
12. Marketing STP
13. Positioning
14. Promotion strategy
15. Advertising strategy
16. Advertising creative
17. Art work inspiration
18. Artwork inspiration

Company Overview
Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 and was taken over by Inditex in 1991. Today the company has over 512 shops in 47 countries.

The chain was originally set up to commercialize menswear but in 1992 a new team was created to launch a complete collection of women wear ranging from casual styles to the urban, sophisticated look. Massimo Dutti has since grown into a major group Product

| From September 2006, Massimo Dutti has designed and commercialized the following lines over its three different sections:

1. Women’s wear: Women, Accessories, Soft, Fragrances, Eyewear 2. Men’s wear: Men, Accessories, Soft, Personal Tailoring, Fragrances, Eyewear 3. Children swear: Boys & Girls
4. Baby|

Exclusive, quality of materials and combination of textures and styles are the foundations of the world created by Massimo Dutti in all of its collections. Based on a concept of its own creation, Massimo Dutti represents to an urban, elegant and contemporary client. Our customer do not only requires a way of dressing the severity trends, our customer is loyal to our label and is proud of its values. Collection after collection, Massimo Dutti aims to achieve a personal style and an adapted design to fashion governing standards lines in the international catwalks. Located on the best urban sites, Massimo Dutti stores represent a designed place for the comfort of customers, where the personal suggestion is understood as priority commercial care.

Situation Analysis |

Brand explained

Brand Core Essence | Medium Cost high end Fashion
Personality |
* Fashionable
* Trendy
* Classy
* Hot And Trendy
Values |
* Customer oriented business
* Making Runway fashion affordable for regular customers
Attributes |
* Fashionable
* Trendy
* Colorful
* Feminine

Key Success Factors of Massimo Dutti Brand |
* Physical Evidence: for the Massimo dutti brand the way its stores is designed and the feeling it gives you of elegance and superiority once you walk into it is considered a major success factor of its success so its always trying to make its store look the best possible to support the brand image and desired perception. * People: the staff and sales team working in Massimo dutti is chosen based on their looks and knowledge to really reflect the Massimo dutti elegant look and feel, as well they have their own custom designed suites and outfit that is very elegant and classy. * Logistics: there is no way that you will walk into one of Massimo Dutti stores and ask for an item and find it not available, the great supply chain of Massimo mission is to make sure of the availability of items in all Massimo Stores and make sure that the Massimo promise is fully fulfilled. * Production: choosing materials and colors that reflects the elegance and classiness of the Massimo brand is essential, as well as the final product finishing and packing, it must look like a fashion icon every little detail should be produced to reflect a sense of high quality iconic fashion item. * -------------------------------------------------

Customers: As Massimo built its brand taking care of all the above, the brand managed to built a strong customer base that’s loyal and satisfied, for all of that Massimo customer...
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