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1.1 Business Ideas and Goals
This business plan is for “Body Care Therapy”, a new medium-sized massage shop located in Melbourne Central Shopping Mall, Victoria. Body Care Therapy offers its customers a comfortable, relaxing service. The therapy can provide benefits to general health by relieving stress and tension as well as relaxing mind and body. The owner plan to begin by hires 3 – 4 employees and gradually grows to three full-time employees and five part-time employees within one to two years of inception. The business intends to generate sale revenue of about $96,000. At the beginning, it will cost $ 80,000 as a capital to get into this business. I will use my saving and money given to me by my parents and friends to start the business. My goal of this business is to be able to pay all the costs back in 2years time from the date of my business opening. 1.2 Marketing

My business provides a popular service and most of people would like to have a massage. According to the market research, more and more people in Melbourne have more than likely had a massage they can find good feelings about. Therefore, almost all of people live in city are my target market and Melbourne Central S/C is the best location to close to my target market. I have 2 competitors in Shopping Central and 129 competitors around Melbourne City; I have to use promotion like low price and free services to attract new clients to open this market. The first year of investment in this store is huge, the cost is huge. Many expenses such as rent early, decorate and buy all kinds equipment need to cost a lot of money, rent in Melbourne central is really expensive. But I done accurate market survey, in a place like Melbourne central, every business can successes because there have huge consumer resource, as long as I service a good service and save old consumer, this business will be very successful. 1.3 Operations

In the short-term, I will do all the manager and general cleaning job by myself so I only hire 7 employees to do the service. In Long- term, I will hire a store manager to do my work and I find a partner to open another business. 1.4 Finance

I put 80,000 as capital in this business; half of them are from my saving ant the rest from my parents and friends. My goal was pay all the cost back in 2years, according to the cash flow forecast, I need 3years. But this is a very stable business, I decided to open this business by my own because I have experience and I know the market well, open business by my own means high risk. I have to pay all the bills. Thankfully this industry is pay massage employee by commission so I only need to worry about the risk of rent. The total cost of equipments will be $3985.57. All the fixed cost like bed or chair will increasing after my business getting bigger; variable cost like napkin and washing powder need purchase when it is finish. So the running costs and service and maintenance requirements will be $500 per month. After I consulting with accountant and lawyer, I decided to start the business.

Section 2: Background

2.1 Mission statement
Body Care Therapy is a great place to relaxing with excellent massage services. We provide fair profit for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees. The reason I want to start and run this business is because I was a partner of my friend’s massage shop, we start that business for half year and she went overseas and sold that business. That is not a successful business because she picks a wrong position. To when I start use my personal experiences to analysis massage business in Melbourne, I...
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